Citizens Taking Action 
for Advancement of Public Transit and Passenger Trains
Next Monthly Meeting Monday November 10th from 7-9:00 PM
Powell's Boostore  Hasted and Roosevelt
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Next Meeting
December 14th
Powell's Bookstore
Corner of Halsted and Roosevelt
800 West / 1200 South
Following Meeting
Jan 11th 
2-4:00 PM
Climate Reality Project
Chicago Rally Over EPA Pollution Limits For Power Plants 
Fracking or Farms?
Fracking or Farms?
Copy of Presentation on
The Reality of Human-Caused Climate 
Disruption:  The Time to Act Is Now!
Energy-environmental activist Dennis Nelson responds to the 
climate deniers / delayers 
​at the College of Complexes Nov. 15, 2014
radio drama on agribusiness
Frack Free Illinois
Frack Free Illinois
View our
Questionnaire on Environmental Issues to be sent to all Mayoral and Aldermanic Candidates in the upcoming election