Citizens Taking Action 
for Advancement of Public Transit and Passenger Trains
Next Monthly Meeting Monday November 10th from 7-9:00 PM
Powell's Boostore  Hasted and Roosevelt
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Meetings - Second Sunday - 2 to  4:00 PM 
                                                        of Each Month
Information: (312) 719-5719 or (773) 306-5402
PO Box 408316  Chicago, IL 60640
(C) 2008 Chicago Greens
Next Meeting
November 9th
Powell's Bookstore
Corner of Halsted and Roosevelt
800 West / 1200 South
Following Meeting
Nov 9th 2-4:00 PM
Climate Reality Project
Chicago Rally Over EPA Pollution Limits For Power Plants 
Fracking or Farms?
Fracking or Farms?
Presentation Saturday, November 15th
The Reality of Human-Caused Climate 
Disruption:  The Time to Act Is Now!
Energy-environmental activist Dennis Nelson responds to the 
climate deniers / delayers 

Program to be on Saturday at 6:00 PM
at the
College of Complexes
Hilltop Restaurant  2800 W. Foster
radio drama on agribusiness
Frack Free Illinois
Frack Free Illinois