Electric companies will buy 100% renewable energy

Any additional pollution this decade will take the planet beyond the 1.5°C into tipping point

Supported by over 450 activists and 100 environmental organizations nationwide

Eco-Group Seeks Passage in this Congress of an
 “Earth Bill”
to Counter Climate Change

The Chicago Greens are contacting members of the Illinois delegation to the new 118th Congress to become co-sponsors and vote for passage of a sweeping “Earth Bill” (https://earthbill.org) intended to counter climate change. The measure was put together by a nationwide network of expert volunteers and organizations to arrive at a scientifically-based, federal legislative solution to effect change now before it is too late. A target date of 2030 for implementation the environmentalist maintain is necessary because any additional pollution this decade will take the planet beyond the 1.5°C into tipping point scenarios that will destabilize the entire planet.

President Biden’s historic infrastructure bill is not held to be sufficient in scope to stop the pollution of the planet causing the demise. The environmentalist say that he proposed spending programs don't stop pollution, rather they encourage clean sources, but not on any timeline.

Regarding opposition to passage, Charles Paidock, Secretary of the Chicago Greens, states that “The companies that profit off of fossil fuels, factory farming and chemicals have absolute power in Congress and globally. If we are to win this battle, we will have to retake our government for the people and planet. We've run out of time to kick this further down the road for political reasons.”

Areas that have been targeted for change in policy include electricity, greenhouse gases, farm, food and agriculture, land, water and forests, materials, waste and recycling, buildings, transportation, just transition, and environmental justice. (https://www.climatecrisispolicy.org)

The Chicago Greens were active on a statewide basis that resulted Illinois passing landmark clean energy legislation—the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, with eight significant components.

H.R. 598 - Earth Act to Stop Climate Pollution by 2030
Sponsor:Rep. Espaillat, Adriano [D-NY-13] (introduced 01/27/2023)
Committees:House - Agriculture; Ways and Means; Energy and Commerce

Chicago Greens
Press Release February 21, 2023 

www.illinoisgreens.org https://www.facebook.com/ChicagoGreens 

For Information:
Charles Paidock, Secretary
(312) 842-5036 office
(312) 714-7790 cell

Jim Garfield, State chair of the Independent Voters of Illinois - Independent Precinct Organization (IVI-IPO) stated: "IVI-IPO has long supported candidates and legislation that help to protect our environment. We applaud the Biden administration's recent efforts, but agree that more must be done to prevent catastrophic climate change. We support passage of the Earth Bill, as well as other legislative measures that aim for a clean and sustainable environment.”